Saturday, September 24, 2011

Salam! (look to the right, y'all)

Not an Advertorial

Dear Ksatriya,

If you're reading this, I haven't even had breakfast while writing this post for you. You owe me one big bowl of kolo mee. Lol.

Words. This is my drug of choice. I've always loved reading, and during my travels in my previous life, when I'm bored I'd even read my snacks' packaging just so that my hungry eyes have something to feast on.

Another fellow word addict that I know of is my dear friend Ksatriya. He's taken it to a whole new level though, not just by reading and writing but singing the words that flowed from his own fingertips.

I was first introduced to Ksatriya last year by a beloved mutual friend, Sylvie. I've come to know him as someone who is extremely talented when it comes to poetry and singing (and therefore I hate him with much envy in my heart..hahahaha) and brilliant with words (whenever I have a bad day, this dear friend really knows how to cheer me up). It's amazing to see someone who is gifted in something (in this case, he's pretty nifty with words) uses his gift to make a positive impact on others.

Recently, this singing and rapping poet launched a new song called "Salam", which you can find, at the time of this posting, on your upper right hand side. Give it a spin and listen to his rich, smooth voice. If you want to embed this player in your blogs, let me know so I can personally ask (read: hound) the artist himself to contact you and give you the codes.

And if you've listened to the song and would like to give Ksatriya a shout-out on Facebook, click here to go to his profile:

Now let me have my breakfast in peace. Lol.

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