Saturday, September 24, 2011

Salam! (look to the right, y'all)

Not an Advertorial

Dear Ksatriya,

If you're reading this, I haven't even had breakfast while writing this post for you. You owe me one big bowl of kolo mee. Lol.

Words. This is my drug of choice. I've always loved reading, and during my travels in my previous life, when I'm bored I'd even read my snacks' packaging just so that my hungry eyes have something to feast on.

Another fellow word addict that I know of is my dear friend Ksatriya. He's taken it to a whole new level though, not just by reading and writing but singing the words that flowed from his own fingertips.

I was first introduced to Ksatriya last year by a beloved mutual friend, Sylvie. I've come to know him as someone who is extremely talented when it comes to poetry and singing (and therefore I hate him with much envy in my heart..hahahaha) and brilliant with words (whenever I have a bad day, this dear friend really knows how to cheer me up). It's amazing to see someone who is gifted in something (in this case, he's pretty nifty with words) uses his gift to make a positive impact on others.

Recently, this singing and rapping poet launched a new song called "Salam", which you can find, at the time of this posting, on your upper right hand side. Give it a spin and listen to his rich, smooth voice. If you want to embed this player in your blogs, let me know so I can personally ask (read: hound) the artist himself to contact you and give you the codes.

And if you've listened to the song and would like to give Ksatriya a shout-out on Facebook, click here to go to his profile:

Now let me have my breakfast in peace. Lol.

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Monday, June 20, 2011


The inspiration for my designs come from what I see around me, and also from my research online. One of my favourite craft references is Martha Stewart's Crafts section of her website.

When I still a teacher and we had to come up with class projects, Martha's site was where I would usually go. As there weren't many craft supplies shops in my hometown back then, sometimes I would have to change the materials and techniques to fit what I have. For this reason too, many local crafters order their supplies online. I have yet to join them as I do not buy in bulk (yet) and won't benefit from the discounts these online suppliers provide for bulk buys. What keeps my prices low are the many trips around town to find the most affordable shops without compromising on the quality.

While it is normal for designers to be inspired by the things she/he sees and reads about, it is another thing altogether to go to a (supposedly) friend's craft site to see what she has in her store and blatantly copy her design ideas almost each time they come up.

I had long wanted to blog about this ever since I found out a fellow local crafter who I personally know had started copying my work, beginning with the simple Terms & Conditions section of this site (which I had worked on with a few friends of mine).

Then I started to notice that almost each time I come up with a new design, a few weeks later I would stumble upon imitations on her craft site. While I am flattered that she found my writing and craft ideas inspiring, what really irks me is the fact that she dares to say that she "crafts from the heart".

It's akin to someone who plagiarises a novel and then have the audacity to say that she wrote it from the heart.

I count myself as a writer and also a crafter/designer, and my work is valuable to me. I take pride in whatever I produce for Axxessories, particularly because a lot of thought and sweat is involved in each creation. There's the research to do, followed by conceptualisation and discussions with friends and family, and also the hunting trips afterwards to find the perfect materials. At the end of the day, when an item is completed and is satisfactory to me, I find that all that hard work is worth it because I provided something good.

If a crafter wants to copy my work, at least credit me for it, maybe even contact me and ask me for tips. Although Matt Groening, the famous cartoonist who created The Simpsons, admires our Malaysian-born Datuk Lat and has a lot of respect for him, you won't find any characters in The Simpsons looking like Kampung Boy.

There aren't many local crafters in Malaysia yet, so it's good to stick to each other and compare notes and suggestions instead of producing replicas of Axxessories items on the sly. It's what China does a lot these days, producing replicas of items from another countries and that is why people tend to look down at Made in China knock-offs.

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Crown Fit for the Queen of My Heart: Sparkling Daisy Hairband

What can you possibly give to a woman who went to great pains (literally and figuratively) to give life to you?

Everything you can lay your hands on. Hehe.

My mum is a girly girl (or should I say woman? Hmm). She loves all sorts of jewellery, especially sparkling ones. While I can't afford to buy her blinding diamond jewellery (yet), I have something fresh and bright that she can wear to parties. I thought I'd make something for her so that no one will have the exact* same gift as hers.

*as it is handmade, even two items of the same design will not look exactly the same*

So I got busy last night and below is my mum's Mother's Day present. She doesn't know how to use the Internet, so this surprise is technically still a secret. Hehe.

If the hairband looks a wee bit familiar to you, that's because I kind of revamped Miss Daisy Hairband with Blue Dot with a liberal dose of sparkling goodness.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Creations On Hold

Dear readers,

I have not been feeling well since Christmas last year, and therefore have not been able to come up with new designs for Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day as planned. It's hard to feel and get creative when you're busy stuffing your nose with tissues.

I hope it's not too late to wish my Chinese readers Gong Xi Fa Cai; I flew home on Wednesday and spent mine with my family. It was a good trip (although I did fall sick again while there).

As of now, I am putting new creations on hold until I get better. In the meantime, feel free to browse through old blogposts for anything that might catch your eye. :-)

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