Friday, April 29, 2011

A Crown Fit for the Queen of My Heart: Sparkling Daisy Hairband

What can you possibly give to a woman who went to great pains (literally and figuratively) to give life to you?

Everything you can lay your hands on. Hehe.

My mum is a girly girl (or should I say woman? Hmm). She loves all sorts of jewellery, especially sparkling ones. While I can't afford to buy her blinding diamond jewellery (yet), I have something fresh and bright that she can wear to parties. I thought I'd make something for her so that no one will have the exact* same gift as hers.

*as it is handmade, even two items of the same design will not look exactly the same*

So I got busy last night and below is my mum's Mother's Day present. She doesn't know how to use the Internet, so this surprise is technically still a secret. Hehe.

If the hairband looks a wee bit familiar to you, that's because I kind of revamped Miss Daisy Hairband with Blue Dot with a liberal dose of sparkling goodness.

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